Studio International Engineering Consultants | About
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Studio International Engineering (SIE) Consultants was established in Dubai in November 2014 as a boutique design studio comprised of Architects, Planners and Project & Development Managers with a vast experience in the region and industry.

SIE has already entered the market aggressively by winning high profiled projects due to its team’s experience, quality delivery and full service offerings, providing front- to-end development solutions ranging from architectural designs to project management.

Our Vision & Mission

To create sustainable, efficient and commercially successful developments by:

  • designing highly usable, efficient and memorable places for our clients using our vast experience and passion
  • offering services that strive to achieve excellence at every step of the project lifecycle
  • balancing the business and creative side to ensure that projects become successful for clients
  • ensuring on-time and superior quality project delivery in line with client needs
  • being considerate of the community and context when designing and completing projects in order to coexist in harmony and ultimately enhance the environment