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Senior Structural Engineer

Abd El-Aziz Ahmed Abd El-Aziz is a highly experienced Senior Structural Engineer with a background in structural analysis engineering.


He has a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for various construction projects, including high-rise buildings, residential structures, sports facilities, and office buildings. He is skilled in modeling, analysis, and design using international and local codes of reinforced concrete.


Currently, he's working with us in SIEC - Studio International Engineering Consultants, where he is responsible for the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures, preparing drawings, and developing tender documents. He has also worked on various significant projects throughout his career, including the Parliament Building in the Administrative Capital of Egypt, with ECG - ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS GROUP S.A.


Also he holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and completed his M.Sc. in 2021 from Benha University - Shoubra Faculty of Engineering.

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