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Senior Dry Utilities Engineer

Ahmed joins us as a Senior Dry Utilities Engineer to assist with the infrastructure projects. He graduated from Helwan University with a B.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering in 2012.

Azzam has experience in the design of Electrical infrastructure networks and buildings’ electrical systems for large, complex, and fast-track projects in many countries.​

Azzam has design experience in strategic planning for large-scale projects, medium-voltage and low-voltage networks, street lighting, and all electrical systems in various land uses.

Notable Achievements:

  • Ras Al-Khaimah City Planning and distribution networks, UAE

  • Mezarin New Alamein City, EGY

  • Souq Almenaa, UAE

  • Wadi Algemal, EGY

  • New Giza, EGY

  • Zee Compound, KSA

  • Palm Hills City, EGY

  • The Selection City, EGY

  • CAVO City, EGY

  • AZAD City, KSA

  • Esnaad Jetty, UAE

  • Zahret Al-Sahel, EGY

  • Marquee Complex New Capital, EGY

  • Sdchlumberger Industrial Zone, EGY

  • SIDC Industrial Zone, EGY

  • ERA City, KSA

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