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One of the key drivers behind this masterplan is the creation of a central park that acts as a spine to the development within which sit a number of community facilities and amenities that are easily accessible to the local population. Pedestrian-oriented residential neighbourhoods have been planned around this park with a large offering of detached villa plots. 


The intention is to allow for permeability to occur so that residents not only benefit from their neighbourhood community and recreation centres but also have ease of access to the central park along which larger sports facilities, women's centres, youth clubs, shops etc are located. Two schools along with a cultural centre act as bookends allowing ease of access by means of this pedestrianised spine.  

A key component of the development is the public realm that stretches along the entire canal edge providing a fully pedestrianised and public space littered with recreational retail amenities. Residential buildings sit along this with views out to the water edge. 

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