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The density of development within traditional Islamic cities helps provides the inspiration for the Al Reem Island Master Plan. The urban fabric typology is one of the shaded courtyards within dense building arrangements that create a meandering waterfront route with a more protected and pedestrian spine nestled between the buildings. Along with these sit retail outlets, cafeterias and community facilities and amenities. Building typologies within this development are centred around a height of G+2 & G+5 and act as medium density residential districts that respond to the environmental and social constraints of the context.


Outdoor cafeterias and restaurants scattered across the waterfront help create a buzzing and vibrant environment that caters to the demands of the daytime and nighttime residents of Al Reem Community. 

The five marinas also help expand the developments presented in the city helping draw visitors to this destination not only by land but also by sea. Shared semi-private communal zones on podium rooftops become centres of community activities with shared pools and recreational zones for building residents. 


Canal side villas are located on the southwestern side of the development. Inspired by the traditional courtyard houses in the Middle East, each villa has its own courtyard or two. Within each group of villas ,a shared open space is created to act like a bigger courtyard.

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