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Site Mechanical Inspector

Anoop is a Site Mechanical Engineer. He has a Bachelor Degree Major in Mechanical Engineering and has six years of experience in engineering and construction with project supervision, contracting and commissioning background. He has worked as a site engineer, project engineer, and commissioning engineer in various engineering firms across UAE & India.


Anoop has knowledge and experience in residential buildings, highrise towers, commercial & residential projects.


Key Previous Projects:

  • Town Square by NSHAMA, Dubai, UAE,

  • Saraya Towers –(G+45), Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Mazaya shopping center(Retrofitting), Dubai,UAE

  • Ossaimi Beach Resort, Dubai, UAE

  • ADEC Schools(more than 9 Nos), Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, UAE

  • Villa project, India,

  • Mafraq Hospital, Abu Dhabi, UAE,

  • Tawam Dialysis Center, Al Ain, UAE,

  • Al Nabbag Palace- Al Ain, UAE,

  • Mosques, Abu Dhabi & Al Ain, UAE

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