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Associate Architect



  • Responsibility for implementing the project plan and ensuring all items of project deliverables are delivered on time.


Job Responsibilities:​

  •  Aiding the Lead Architect with all aspects of design development.

  •  Responsibility for the design development of projects from concept to completion.

  •  Responsibility for all local authority compliance and code compliance.

  •  Responsibility for utilizing correct design standards i.e. BS etc.

  •  Responsibility for all technical detailing of a project.

  •  Responsibility for meeting the brief from an operational and functional perspective.

  •  Shared responsibility for writing and collating the NBS specification.

  •  Shared responsibility for writing and updating the brief.

  •  Coordination of all sub-consultant packages.

  •  Review of all drawing packages prior to issue.

  •  Ensure Job Captains A3 folder is up to date.

  •  Track the issuance of all drawings, specifications, etc. Ensuring correct procedures are in order.

  •  Write cover letters for each formal issue.

  •  Monitor and ensure smooth progress for all local authority submissions. 

  •  Ensure that Quality System Procedures (QSP) and operational standards are understood, adhered to, and maintained by Job Captains. A report is to be issued following each check and circulated to Senior Management.

  •  Ensure Job Captains are fully conversant with the relevant standards and approved relevant local authority regulations.

  •  Ensure Job Captains meet agreed deadlines for documentation issues.

  •  If slippage is likely to occur notify the relevant Lead and agrees with a recovery programme.

  •  Ensure that Job Captains correctly prepare the local authority submissions in accordance with the relevant local authority requirements.

  •  Responsibility for meeting with local authorities and expediently processing submissions. Any problems must be alerted to Senior Management.

  •  Responsibility for tracking schedule.

  •  Responsibility for NOC tracking schedule.

  •  Coordinate design team meetings with the relevant sub-consultants. Meetings must be minuted with actions and pending dates.

  •  Ensure construction drawings are fully coordinated with sub-consultants prior to submissions.

  •  Ensure all sub-consultants review and agree to programme of deliverables.

  •  Track drawing issues to sub-consultants and their issue of information to SIEC

  •  Ensure the sub consultant’s scope of work is complete at each stage in order for the Lead to certify payment.

  •  Responsibility for ensuring Sub consultants have applied for NOC’s.

  •  Responsibility for the management of the project deliverables.

  •  Responsibility for communicating all aspects of project deliverables to Job Captains and Architects and to Senior Management.



  • Chartered Architect RIBA, AIA etc – 8+ years of experience.


Interested candidates may send their CV to

Please put ASSOCIATE ARCHITECT as the subject of your application

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