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Position Summary:

We are looking for a skilled Swimming Pool Mechanical Engineer to join our team and oversee the mechanical aspects of swimming pool construction projects. The Mechanical Engineer will be responsible for designing mechanical systems and equipment related to swimming pool facilities.



  1. Design and Engineering:

  • Develop mechanical designs and engineering plans for swimming pool systems, including filtration, circulation, heating, and water treatment.

  • Collaborate with Architects, Engineers, and other project stakeholders to integrate mechanical systems into overall pool designs.

  • Ensure that mechanical designs comply with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and project specifications.

  2. Equipment Selection:

  • Select appropriate mechanical equipment, components, and materials for swimming pool systems, such as pumps, filters, heat pump, etc.

  • Evaluate supplier proposals, specifications, and quotes to determine the best options for project requirements.

  3. Installation and Commissioning:

  • Oversee the installation, assembly, and commissioning of mechanical systems and equipment at swimming pool construction sites.

  • Provide technical guidance and support to construction teams during the installation process.

  • Conduct testing and verification of mechanical systems to ensure proper functioning and performance.

  4. Quality Assurance and Compliance:

  • Ensure that mechanical installations and systems meet quality standards, safety regulations, and industry best practices.

  • Conduct quality inspections and audits to verify compliance with design specifications and project requirements.


  • Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering.

  • 10 to 15 years of proven experience in mechanical design and installation, preferably in swimming pool and water features for villas, hospitality and mixed-use developments.

  • Strong knowledge of mechanical engineering principles, practices, and standards.

  • Proficiency in Revit and engineering design and analysis tools.

  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical, and communication skills.

  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.


Interested candidates may send their CV to

Please put SWIMMING POOL MECHANICAL ENGINEER as the subject of your application

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