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Position Summary:

The ‘Resident Engineer’ (RE) will be responsible as the Engineer’s Representative for checking that the Contractor’s Works are carried out in accordance with the Contract. He/She will also be responsible for managing and directing all other members of the Engineer’s staff (assistants). He/She will therefore be the Site Team Leader during the construction phase of the Project.



The Engineer (SIEC) is typically responsible for Post Contract Administration of the Construction Contract between the Employer and the Contractor and carrying out the duties specified in the contract and these may vary from one Project to another.

The Engineer’s Representative (usually the Resident Engineer) shall be appointed by and be responsible to the Engineer and shall carry out such duties and exercise such authority as may be delegated to him by the Engineer. The typical duties and responsibilities of the Resident Engineer, will include the following:-

  • Review the Employer (Client) / Engineer (SIEC) Agreement to determine the full Scope of Services to be provided during the Post Contract Administration and Construction Supervision Phase of the Project.

  • Review with the Project Director (SIEC) the Organisation Chart and Resources Schedule prepared at tender/contract stage and update as necessary.

  • Discuss with the PD and Construction Director, the staffing requirements for the Project.

  • Review with the PD the Project Execution Plan.

  • Review Contract Documents and in particular the Drawings, Specifications and associated documentation prepared by the design consultants (SIEC or others) to determine whether these are:-

    • Complete

    • Fully coordinated with all disciplines

    • Suitable to be issued “For Construction”

  • Issue to the Contractor instructions and additional or modified Drawings which may be necessary for the execution of the Works and the remedying of any defects.

  • Assist the Engineer with providing supporting particulars necessary to reach agreement or provide determination of any matter under the Conditions of Contract.

  • Review the Contractor’s details of the arrangements and methods which he proposed to adopt for the execution of the Works, including:-

    • Adequacy, stability and safety of all Site operations

    • Temporary Works

    • Contractor’s designed Works (or portion thereof)

    • Plant and materials

    • As-built documents

    • Operations and maintenance manuals

  • Review and approval of Contractor’s proposed subcontractors.

  • Notify the Contractor of the requirements (as specified) for setting-out the Works in relation to a coordinated reference point, datum level and bearing.

  • Review the Contractor’s QA Procedures and Compliance Documents at each stage of the Works.

  • Arrange for auditing  any aspect of the Contractor’s QA/QC System.

  • Review and approve Contractor’s notices of Plant or major item of other goods to be delivered to site.

  • Attend and chair progress meetings on site as required.

  • Attend and support PD at procurement and commercial meetings as required.

  • Attend and support PD at all Client meetings as required.

  • Ensure that Contractor prepares and issues (six copies) of the monthly progress report, including:-

    • Charts and detailed descriptions of progress including each stage of design (if any)

    • Contractor’s documents, procurement schedules, manufacture, delivery to site, construction, erection, testing and commissioning.

    • Details of Nominated subcontractors.

    • Photographs

    • Manufacture of plant and materials schedules.

    • Copies of QA documents, test results and certificates of materials.

    • Log of all claims notified

    • Safety statistics

  • Construction programmed showing planned versus actual progress and mitigation measures adopted (in the event of delay)

  • Administer the appointment of all nominated Subcontractors.

  • Review the Contractor’s personnel to ensure that they are suitably qualified, skilled and experienced to carry out the Works in their respective trades or occupations.

  • Review and approve the Contractor’s materials samples and associated documentation, in accordance with the requirements of the specification.

  • Upon request from the Contractor, arrange for the relevant Inspectors to carry-out; examination, inspection, measurement or testing, whenever any work is ready and before it is covered up, put out of sight, or packaged for storage or transport.

  • Specify to the Contractor the location, details and other requirements for all testing of Plant, Materials and workmanship and attend (or arrange for the attendance of suitably qualified staff) all such tests.

  • Endorse Contractor’s completed and successful test certificates.

  • Issue instructions for remedial work to be carried out in the event of Plant, Materials or Work not being in accordance with the Contract, or for the safety of the Works.

  • Issue the Contractor with the commencement date of the Works.

  • Review and issue consent to the Contractor’s proposed programme (FIDIC clause 14.1) for the execution of the Works.

  • Review and issue consent to any further revised programmes issued by the Contractor, at the request of the Engineer, showing modifications necessary to ensure completion of the Works within the Time for Completion.

  • Review all Contractor Claims and requests for Extension of Time for Completion of the Works.

  • Issue instructions for the Suspension of part or all of the Works (if required).

  • Issue Taking-Over Certificate to the Contractor upon completion of the Works.

  • Prepare schedule of incomplete work or defects prior to issuing TOC.

  • Monitor works to be completed or defects to be rectified during the Defects Liability Period (12 months).

  • Arrange for Works to be re-measured and valued for payment under the contract as necessary.

  • Process all Contractor requests for Variation and evaluate cost after review of Contractor proposals.

  • Review and approve Contractor Value Engineering proposals (after consulting with the Employer and/or Project Manager).

  • Issue instructions to the Contractor for the expenditure of Provisional Sums.

  • Determine the Contract Price breakdown from the Contractor’s schedules for use in determining Payment Certificates.

  • Issue Interim Payment Certificates on a monthly basis.

  • Issue to the Employer the Final Payment Certificate (28 days after receiving the Final Statement from the Contractor).


  • BS in civil Engineering

  • At least 15+ years UAE experience mainly in infra structure works ( Shallow services, Deep services, and roads) and must be from consultant back grounds.


Interested candidates may send their CV to

Please put RE - INFRASTRUCTURE as the subject of your application

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