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The master plan layout takes its inspiration from one of the two most important symbols of the desert wildlife. The Falcon.


The main pavilion zone is organised as a heart of activity at the centre of the development. This allows for immediate access to all visitors who will be greeted in a magnificent space of peace and calm with views that open out to the desert landscape beyond. 


A number of amenities are provided within this main space that includes meeting rooms, formal and informal majlis‘s, play areas, dining zones and a Spa.  Consideration has also been given to day time staff zones that are considered on the first level of the development with their own rest zones between shifts. A main swimming pool area has been allocated out beyond the main Pavilion in order to allow this to operate independently of any function or activity that may take place in the Pavilion. 


The master plan extends to either side of the main pavilion zone along tree-lined pathways to connect to a number of 1 bedroom and 3 bedroom villas, serviced with their own private swimming pools, desert view rooftop terraces and private butler service. These are supported further with butler zones that are located adjacent to the villas and shared between a number of them. 

A service block is easily accessible from the approach road where main MEP zones are located, main kitchen facility and potential staff quarters. 

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