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Landscape Architect

Eman is a highly skilled Landscape Architect with a strong focus on Building Information Modeling (BIM). She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Landscape Architecture, graduating with a total grade of Excellent with honors. With a specialization in Urban Planning and Design, Eman brings a solid educational foundation to her work.

Eman's expertise encompasses various skills including design development, detailed design, and tender drawings preparation. Her proficiency in BIM enables her to create integrated and efficient designs, collaborating effectively with multidisciplinary teams. Additionally, she has strong project management abilities and a keen eye for detail.


Notable Projects:

  • Residential City in GEDDA, KSA

  • Renovation of AL-MONZTAH in ALEX, EGYPT

  • Cleopatra Mall in GIZA, EGYPT

  • Saint Catherine Renovation

  • 5th Square Compound in CAIRO, EGYPT

  • Emkan Compound in CAIRO, EGYPT

  • Command Center in New ALAMIN CITY, EGYPT 

  • AI Rehab Mall in CAIRO, EGYPT

  • Zed Towers in GIZA, EGYPT

  • Palm Hills Mall in CAIRO, EGYPT

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