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Junior Architect

Ghazal joins SIEC as a Junior Architect, holder of BA in Architectural Engineering from Damascus University with an outstanding graduation project presented at the Damascus International Fair for the Reconstruction of Syria.

Despite of her youth, she was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to train many students to help them pass the entrance exam to the Faculty of Architecture at Damascus University.

She started with a private institute called BNA ART that supports architecture students in addition to volunteering work to teach students at Damascus University during her graduation.

And she also worked as a freelancer on various diverse projects (Residential, Commercial and Landscape projects). Then moved to UAE to follow her deep passion for art, appreciation for architecture, and longing to be among those who create the changing horizons that shape our cities.

Passionate about art and building a better future for people around the world. She pursue architecture because she sees it as a career path where my two goals meet.

Always willing to assist the whole team in design development, from designing the first concept to completing the entire project, allowing her to engage creatively and scientifically with the design aesthetic and functional aspects.

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