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SIEC Red_High Rise-Mixed Use.png

SIEC looks to create an Iconic building that has been inspired by the idea of ice cubes suspended in the air.

The Intention of the structural design team is to allocate structural loads to the central core with sufficient vertical transportation provided for the building’s three main components: Hotel, Service Apartments and Office. There will be provision for a total of 9 passengers lifts + 2 service lifts.

The Ballroom’s pre-function area is connected to the main lobby with additional 3 lifts. The relatively large number of lifts will be offering a very high level of the service with minimum impact to the typical building plate efficiency.

Three Hotels and three Service Apartment lifts are located on building side elevations, allowing their staggering termination on the lower levels and increasing efficiency on the more valuable higher levels, thus increasing building efficiency.

SZR Tower (1)
SZR Tower (2)
SZR Tower (3)
SZR Tower (4)
SZR Tower (5)
SZR Tower (6)
SZR Tower (7)
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