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SIEC has been invited to carry out preliminary Master Plan proposal of an approximately 125.000 square meters located at beautiful cove named B4.

Site is strategically located 40 km from Miraya coastal development and 25 km from Triple Bay. Case study was based on Portofino, a charming fishing village who evolved into one of most popular resort towns on Italian Riviera and frequently used as a boutique stop for yachting set.

The Client’s brief summarized the following points:

• Importance of human scale and intimacy of scale
• Beautiful, secluded, exclusive
• Unique architecture and deeply rooted in Culture
• Light colours pallet
• Narrow roads (can even be pedestrian roads)
• Elegant and romantic
• Organic expansion
• Place for youth and couples

We have also placed a great importance on design that is sustainable with minimum impact on the eco system.

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