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SIEC have been commissioned by Dubai South to carry out a full pre contract service for a residential development on Ras Al Khor area of Dubai.

SIEC recognised the need to develop a product that is cost effective, adaptable and efficient and that also offers a comfortable and habitable environment for its tenants.

At the forefront of the design lies a fundamental focus on sustainability as far as the massing and orientation of our building is concerned as well as the systems that are used to help minimise power consumption. Prevailing wind direction is capitalised upon in order to naturally ventilate the master plan and the internal corridors during the cooler months of the year. The landscaping strategy relies on the appropriate distribution of hardscaping to softscaping with intelligent strategies proposed.

A conceptual massing option was developed in line with the specific density and setback restrictions of the site. The focus was to maximise the efficiency of the building layout by limiting the number of cores and reducing the area of circulation while maximising the leasable areas.

The correlation between the Leasable Area, Gross Floor Area and current construction costs mandate the adoption of a highly efficient design, utilising mid-market internal and external finishes to achieve the required financial return dynamics. Intelligent design of a semi enclosed basement assists in reducing the total construction cost of the development.

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