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Position Summary:

The HR & Admin Officer performs a wide variety of high-level human resource/personnel work, plans, develops and recommends new or revised Human Resources policies and procedures, goals and objectives, gathers and analyzes trends and data, supervises and coordinates the maintenance of the classification and pay plans; equal employment opportunity plans and performs related work as required.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for planning, organizing, administering, reviewing and evaluating the day-to-day activities of the position classification and pay administration, compensation, employee records administration, benefits administration and employee counseling programs.

  • Review and evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and service delivery for assigned divisions, and develop and install improvements to ensure maximum service delivery with available resources.

  • Demonstrate continuous effort to improve the operations of every department including decreasing turnaround times, streamlining work processes, and working cooperatively and jointly to provide seamless customer service.

  • Plan and allocate available staff resources among the assigned divisions based on service delivery priorities.

  • Develop and interpret human resources policies.

  • Develop goals, objectives, and performance measures for assigned divisions and assist in the preparation and administration of budget allocation for every department.

  • Supervise professional and technical staff and technical programs within the department, which includes assigning work activities and projects, monitoring workflow, and evaluating work products, methods, and procedures.

  • Develop databases, gather and analyze trends and data, prepare reports and formulate recommendations regarding specialized Human Resources activities.

  • Ensure that assigned personnel perform duties and responsibilities safely and prudently that does not expose them or others to unnecessary harm or risk of on-the-job injury.

  • Applying the principles of Quality, Health Safety and Environmental management in compliance with the organization's Policies.

Qualifications & Technical Skills:

  • Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Human Resources Management or a closely related field

  • 5+ years of professional Human Resources experience with primary responsibility for payroll, benefits administration and support of other functional areas of human resources.

  • Knowledge of Principles and Practices of Human Resources Administration including recruitment and selection, employee relations, classification and job analysis, compensation and benefit administration, and performance planning and appraisal.

  • Recognize work methods and procedures that promote a safe working environment for employees and others.

  • Required excellent communication and strong interpersonal skills.

  • Excellent Leadership and Technical competencies.

  • Ability to analyze, interpret and explain the legal framework regulating employment.


Interested candidates may send their CV and portfolio to

Please put HR & ADMIN OFFICER as the subject of your application

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