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This new airport design has a modern and contemporary interiors that feature light and warm materials to provide a spacious yet inviting feel.

The lobby features timber slatted wall panels behind the reception area resembling the ripple effect of the sea water. Modern curved seating arrangements were added to balance with the traditional elements in the space inspired by the waves of the sand dunes, and printed fabric wall art concept influenced by the client’s logo as a wall feature.

The VIP hangars have louvered wall paneling that gives volume to the space accentuated by warm timber slats acting as a window screen that reduces the glare of sunlight. Carpet flooring with wave-like patterns creates a feeling of smooth flow around the room.

The VIP lounge is designed to provide a space for relaxation. With its modern finishes, contemporary furniture and accessories, it gives a luxurious yet comfortable feel to VIP guests.

Amaala airport (2)
Amaala airport (1)
Amaala airport (3)
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