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SIEC was approached by Dubai South in order to assist with the renovation of the Executive Jet Terminal in Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai. The final product as built suffered from the impact of heavy value engineering exercises that substantially downgraded the building experience.

SIEC brought all parties to the table to develop a holistic multi disciplinary solution that Architectural, MEP, Structural and Interior design, along with Branding & Signage, Landscape & Lighting design inputs. The proposal carefully presented a shopping list of items that could be prioritised subject to budget and importance relative to the opening of the MEBA event of December 2016.

The project was unusual due to the close interaction required between the design team and the contractor in order to be able to meet the given timeframes of 3 months of design and build. SIEC managed to complete the project on time and with a successful opening date as per the original programme.

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