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SIEC was commissioned by MAG to carry out a preliminary design concept for a residential master plan on a plot of land in the Hadaeq Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid area of Dubai.


The residential master plan intended to present a high design standard for an affordable residential gated community that will deliver value with highly efficient buildings and efficient site planning that reflects the feel of a green community with generous open spaces and limited vehicular zones. 


SIEC very much recognises the need to develop a product that is cost-effective, adaptable and efficient and that also offers a comfortable and habitable environment for its tenants.


At the forefront of the design lies a fundamental focus on sustainability. 


Building blocks are positioned to the perimeter of a central park allowing all residents direct access to this zone and its paths that connect directly to a central retail zone and clubhouse. 

Walkability is a key driver behind the overall experience and this is encouraged with the use of extensively landscaped grounds with pool facilities, outdoor leisure spaces, kids areas, a community centre with retail and f&b facilities and a health & community club.


As far as the buildings are concerned, we propose systems that help minimise power consumption as much as possible. Prevailing wind direction is capitalised upon in order to naturally ventilate the master plan and the internal building corridors during the cooler months
of the year. The landscaping strategy relies on the appropriate distribution of hardscaping to softscaping with intelligent xeriscaping strategies proposed.


The stepped topography of the site allows for view corridors to be organically generated out across the development towards the downtown area of Dubai. 


View corridors within the site capitalise on the central green heart of the development.

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