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Senior Plumbing & Fire Fighting Engineer

Marwa is a Senior Plumbing & Fire Fighting Engineer with 13+ years of experience in the mechanical design engineering of different types of projects in the Middle East, including high-rise towers (30+), shopping malls, hotels & resorts, and residential and mixed-use buildings. Hold a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Power Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering Mataria, Helwan University with a Cumulative Grade of Good.


 Notable Projects:

  • Lusail Marina Com 53, Qatar.

  • Khrityiat Majlis and Mosque, Qatar.

  • ASC Logistic Building – Manateq, Qatar.

  • KAHRAB Hotel & Office Tower, Qatar.

  • Smash Tennis Academy, Qatar.

  • Erkyah Mixed Use Development, Qatar.

  • Wajba Palace, Qatar.

  • Qatar Red Crescent Head Quarter, Qatar.

  • King Khalid University Tihamah – KSA.

  • (KVP)King Abd Al-Aziz University – KSA.

  • (MOI) Ministry of Interior - KSA.

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