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SIEC have had the amazing opportunity to work with Emirates Council for Rural Development and Etihad Rail to bring to life the vision to develop rural villages within the UAE.

The ‘Emirates Villages’ project represents a new milestone in achieving the vision of the UAE leadership by introducing a sustainable development model that accommodates all regions across the country, while utilising the human capabilities and natural resources of each region.

Starting with the community of QIDFA in the Emirate of Fujairah the design aims to draw new tourism and promote job growth and revenue in the area through a new road network, neighbourhood square, cycleways, beachfront and developing the farming community’s access roads and irrigation networks to future proof their operations.



Limit circulation of service vehicles and introduce a meandering shaded road as primary arrival to the public beach. Beach road to be emphasised through road beautification with trees and shaded walkways. Revitalization of beach corniche with F&B kiosks and other commercial opportunities for the local community.

Redevelopment of the service road with an ordered parking and landscape elements on both sides. Usage of pedestrian walkways and a central plaza to activate community gathering and commercial activities along outdoor cafes and retail spaces. Use of signage as marker of community entrance for access from the highway.

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