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SIEC has been invited to carry out preliminary Master Plan proposal of an approximately 120.000 square meters.

The Client’s brief summarized the following points:
• Importance of human scale and intimacy of scale
• Beautiful, secluded, exclusive
• Unique architecture and deeply rooted in Culture
• Light pallet( colours )
• Narrow roads (can even be pedestrian roads)
• Elegant
• Romantic
• Organic feel of expansion
• Place for youth to stop
• Place for more couples and less families
We have also placed a great importance on design that is sustainable with minimum impact on the eco system.

AMAALA_7 - Photo
AMAALA_10 - Photo
AMAALA_11 - Photo
AMAALA_14 - Photo
AMAALA_16 - Photo
AMAALA_22 - Photo
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