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Living Room.jpg

Multiple penthouse typologies within an existing multi-use building in Dubai, were developed by SIEC’s team, ranging from 9,000sft simplexes, 18,000sft duplexes, and a 38,000sft triplex.

The interior layouts were meticulously planned out in coordination with the client’s requirements reflecting an understanding of the lifestyle of a high-profile client/owner.


The interiors reflect a sophisticated, minimalist style and neutral palette, with clean but elegant ceiling features. Layers of beautiful lighting features and furniture pieces and accessories have been included to add a touch of ‘bling’ and extravagance, without being over-the-top.

Living Room
Duplex living 2
Duplex Living 1
Simplex living
Dining Room
Bedroom simplex 1
Bedroom duplex
Bathroom duplex
Bathroom simplex
PH 64 B
PH 65 B
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