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Senior Associate - Interior Design

Paula is originally from Chile and an Australia Citizen.  She has over 34 years of experience in Australia and the Middle East. She arrived to the UAE and joined Engineers Office, AK Design & United Design International before venturing on her own for the past 13 years.  She was also working as a consultant as a Design Director for DWP in Dubai and Asia. 

Some of her highlighted projects are W Hotel Alef Residences at Palm Jumeirah Dubai, Knowledge Chair for Mohamed Bin Rashid Foundation (MBRF), Masgouf London and Knightsbridge Café at Jumeirah 2 Dubai, The EDGE Private Restaurant/Cigar Lounge Club at DIFC Building 6 Dubai and numerous Royal Palaces/Villas and commercial projects. In Melbourne, she designed the top 3 ophthalmologists’ clinic at St Vincent’s Private Hospital.

Paula has worked on projects in multiple geographic locations including Austria, KSA, Sudan, Jordan, Australia and the UAE. She has also recently collaborated on other projects in Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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