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We all have a dream home and to achieve this goal, we keep on saving money throughout our life. Now when you are ready to build your own den, it is important for you to consider these 2 persons - architect and interior designer.

Before laying the foundation stone, you should know what you are building. If you are not a professional builder, you will not be able to understand the whereabouts of the building. Here, you can take the help of professionals such as architects and interior designers.

Most of the time, people get confused among these two professionals as both do the same work of planning and designing. Then what is the difference?

Difference between an Architect and an Interior Designer

The primary difference between an Architect and an Interior Designer centers on what they design. Architects design buildings and structures, while interior designers create aesthetic rooms and spaces. They make a blueprint of the furniture, fixtures, lights and other accessories to create the desired look which is not only attractive but also functional.

Who is responsible for what?

As said above, it is the responsibility of the Architect to design the structure of the entire building. Architects have the skills and expertise to visualize the final look of the building. They are aware of all the important things that should be in a good structure. So, basically they are responsible for the engineering aspect of the building. On the other hand, Interior Designers create a functional and structural living or work spaces after understanding the client's requirements. They work closely with the architects to design the interior spaces and also possess enough knowledge in the construction field. They are responsible for the visual part of the building such as enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the place.

What will each person do?


Architects work closely with Civil Engineers to design building plans for spaces. As a result, you will find them working mostly in engineering firms. Architects usually do a desk job of designing but they do visit the construction site from time to time to ensure the progress of the project. They also visit the construction site to solve the issues faced by the workers relating to the implementation of the design. They possess the creativity and skills to create a unique design that fits the client's requirements and budget.

Interior Designer:

Interior designers are one of the most creative souls blessed with immense imaginative power to determine what will look best in the interior space. Interior Designers may or may not be degree holders, but they surely have creativity and skills to visualize beautiful interior spaces. Their creativity and work can do wonders for your building. They will be usually found in the work site managing the micro things in case the designs don't come up as per their visuals. We hope you have clearly understood the key differences between both the professionals. There are a lot of benefits of hiring an architect and an interior designer. You will witness those benefits once you experience working with them.

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