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‘Creative 30’ Powerlist 2020

Published by: Design Middle East

Boran Agoston, design director at Studio International Engineering Consultants (SIEC) is part of Design Middle East's CREATIVE 30 POWERLIST 2020.

This list salutes the most influential and powerful architects and designers in the MENA region.

Boran Agoston is an award-winning ar­chitect, with almost 40 years of extensive experience in worldwide architecture and masterplanning, who has led and delivered numerous

high-end projects across several continents. In 2014, he joined SIEC as design director, where his global exposure brought skills required to lead the design and delivery of significant, high-quality designs and devel­opments ranging across all major sectors of the industry.

Agoston was integral to the growth of the company and worked on numerous residential, commercial, hospitality, master planning and transportation projects. His exceptional design capabilities on both the domestic and international design arena has led to several renowned projects in UAE and region. Agoston's design approach is based on an architecture that has a modern sense of both tranquillity and spatial continuity taking inspiration from the culture, nature, history, climate and local architecture. His immense international experience has bestowed him with the ability to work effec­tively in different countries and cultures.

Commenting on coronavirus pandemic: "We are living in challenging time of the climate changes, habitat destruction and recently, COVID -19 pandemic. Architects must be adaptable and stay at the forefront of the progress in this rapidly changing world. We need to learn how to leave with nature again and to embrace new opportu­nities when the pandemic is gone. The new design philosophy should be based on sus­tainability, with an emphasis on innovative low carbon footprint buildings."

Agoston and his team are currently in­volved in several of the regions highest-pro­file projects in ICSA where SIEC has been commissioned to develop some large-scale mixed-use projects and airport develop­ment.



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