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Any good-looking, stylish, and well-planned construction owes its existence to an outstanding architect. Careful planning is the basic need of today's fast-growing cities. Thanks to the architects for preserving our ancient heritage structures and making our cities even more beautiful and organized.

The field of architecture involves creativity and visual skills; architects have specialization in it. The study of architecture has several branches in which architects do specialization. Let us have a look at those various branches of architecture.

Different Types of Architects:

1) Residential Architect - A residential architect specializes in designing a tailored structure of houses for private clients. Such architects provide a complete range of architectural services starting with designing blueprints until managing the entire construction.

Usually, residential architects working on a small scale also offer builder services and can manage almost everything for you. They can buy materials, procure manpower, do negotiation, give consultation, documentation and government paperwork.

2) Restoration Architect - When it comes to preservation of ancient monuments and heritage sites, restoration architects come to rescue. They have specialization in repairing, restoring and maintaining historic structures. They are well-versed in historic architecture and are capable of relative planning. Rather than enhancing the existing structure, their key aim is to preserve and put back.

3) Commercial Architect - Commercial architects are the individuals involved in designing of non-residential buildings such as shopping malls, factories, museums, hospitals, etc. Projects handled by such architects are often large-scaled involving teams of consultants and designers. Commercial architecture focuses primarily on the general public and the success of such projects is determined by the use and interaction of people.

4) Housing Architect - Housing architects are specialized in designing housing schemes of two or more domiciles. And for this, they are required to furnish a master plan of the entire site at the same time individual plans of each dwelling. While designing such schemes they have to consider the public space, infrastructure, access, and several other factors.

5) Interior Architect - Interior architects are licensed and specialized in interior design. This role is predominately found in large-scale companies with big-sized high-end buildings. It is important to note that interior architects are different from interior designers. An interior architect holds a valid license while a designer does not hold any license.

6) Green Architects - Often known as sustainable design architects, these architects are specialized in consulting and delivering a sustainable design and building methods. They also have an in-depth understanding of sustainable products and how they can be used in a building.

7) Landscape Architects - Landscape architects are involved in designing functional and attractive spaces like gardens, college campuses, public parks, playgrounds, etc. They are also responsible for designing walkways, roads, trees, shrubs, etc within the surroundings.

8) Industrial Architects - Since industrial architecture is purely dependent on process and functionality, industrial architects should possess a deep understanding of the building inputs and outputs. Usually, industrial projects are on a large scale and have to be death carefully.

9) Urban Designers - These are the most creative people who have a keen interest in city planning. Rather than focusing on individual parts, they are concerned with greater workings of a place. This is why such design processes often call for other specialists such as landscape and building architects. Such architects are often indulged in projects related to the improvement of existing towns and cities or developing entirely new ones.

SIEC is capable to handle almost all types of projects and has a team of licensed, experienced and professional architects. We stand among the top architects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.



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