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Our past we cannot erase. Our future needs less waste.

Plastic is something that we used in our daily life and some people can’t get rid of it. We use plastic a lot on a daily bases like bottles of water, plastic bags and etc.

Plastic can make huge damage to the environment cause it is hard to melt. Among the major impacts of plastic bags on the environment is that they take many years to decompose. Furthermore, when plastic bags decompose under sunlight, toxic substances are released into the soil, and if plastic bags are burned, toxic substances are released into the air.

Recently, wildlife has been affected by eating, or becoming entangled in, plastic debris more often than ever before, resulting in public outcry and protests. Globally, 270,000 tons of plastic float in the oceans, endangering 700 marine species. It can cause malnutrition, intestinal blockages, and slow poisoning from chemicals leached from or attached to them. In recent years, plastics have been linked to rising species extinction rates.

The UAE trying to reduce the use of plastic to save the environment. With the aim of promoting environmental sustainability and reducing plastic consumption, the Executive Council of Dubai has approved the policy to limit single-use bags by charging a tariff of 25 fills per bag from 1 July. This represents a significant step forward in the recycling of e-waste in UAE. The country has one of the largest e-waste recycling plants in the world.



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