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TOLEDO Villas and Town Houses, Phase 2 at Bloom Master Plan is launched

SIEC has been commissioned to develop a residential community of 405 units, Phase-02 within the Bloom Master Plan in Abu Dhabi with Villas and Townhouses.

SIEC developed a number of architectural typologies of Villa and Town Houses with the main driver being the creation of villas and townhouses which co-exists with nature and its surroundings. A more unusual product has been developed for the Abu Dhabi market with the building facade strongly influenced by the Andalusian Spanish Architectural features that very much differentiate itself from the more modern contemporary villa and townhouse models that exist and are proposed across the city.

SIEC also developed a highly integrated Community Centre dedicated to the residents and visitors, influenced by the Andalusian Spanish Architectural features and the influence further carries in internal as well as external spaces.

Provision has also been made for small Food and Beverage Outlets, Prayer Area, Walking and Integrated Landscape. The master plan and the buildings leave an everlasting impact on visitors and the residents.



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