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An architect can be considered one of the most indispensable people while constructing any building. This is because he/she prepares the designs, fixes the budget, and sets out the plan for the whole building process. Thus, hiring an efficient architect becomes very much imperative for the project. But while thinking of hiring an architect, a lot of people feel clueless about when to hire an architect?

The answer is very simple: You should hire an architect at the very beginning of the project. Let us tell you why:

They provide the road map: As we said earlier, architects prepare the road map for the whole construction. So, hiring them in the first stage of the project helps in yielding maximum benefits from their services.

Guided work: Having a clear road map or action plan helps in the easy and timely accomplishment of the building task. All the personnel becomes aware of the upcoming tasks, the management can be prepared for them as well as plan out about possible hurdles in advance.

Well defined budget: An experienced architecture firm will know about the various stages of financial need and the amount required at each stage. This helps in better cost planning and cost reduction. For example, if you are undertaking a large-scale construction project, imagine borrowing the whole sum in one go and paying interest even when you weren’t using it instead of borrowing in parts and paying lesser interest.

Architects can be considered an amalgamation of engineers and artists. Engineer because he/she consists of various complex measurements, regulations, components, etc. He/she can be considered an artist because of the creation of various designs and ideas. And just like an artist, every architect may have a more or less different style of creating and implementing the projects.

This leads us to the next part of our question, i.e. how to hire an architect? The answer, again, is very simple. Let’s break it down in easy steps.

  1. There are different types of architects. You should first find out about the field of expertise of the architect. Then find out about the projects undertaken by that architect and analyze them. This will help you in understanding the type of designs and ideas the architect specializes in.

  2. Next, you should discuss your ideas and requirements with the architect and check if he/she can cater to your needs. You may need to go back and forth on a few things and may have to brainstorm a bit but don’t feel discouraged because the best always needs efforts, right?

  3. Check if the architect can create some sample models for you. Also clarify the costs for such models, the type of model, etc. This will make the choosing task for you much easier and less time-consuming at a later stage.

At SIEC, we understand that each client has unique needs and expectations. This understanding has helped us in creating a solid and loyal client base. It is reflected in the number and types of projects we have delivered so far, and yet counting. Contact us now to experience the same unique and premium services.



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