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(story by Amr Abdel Aal)

Amr is an Egyptian wildlife photographer who has documented the beauty and the plight of our planet for over six years.

His work primarily focuses on documenting the Arabian Peninsula wildlife and aims to introduce the different species which live with us in our region.

The story began with the passion for watching, caring and studying animals’ behavior. Amr is commenting “It is all about loving animals. This was the start. I had an abiding passion all the way through my childhood for watching animals, birds, reptiles and even insects. Then I moved on to studying their behavior to know more about them”

Amr had been awarded many wildlife photography competitions and he is one of Nikon Middle East contributors.

His goal is to convey the love of wildlife to a larger group of people. He is trying to convince people that these beautiful creatures have the right to share life on the planet without compromising their homeland.

They are important to our lives and to the life of our planet so that the life of the planet can continue without glitches.

For more wildlife photos, please follow @amrabdelaal2009


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