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The Saadiyat Beach Resort Master Plan is composed of a Resort Hotel component with associated spa and medical facility along with chalets, hotel rooms and serviced apartments that will be operated by one hotel brand. Alongside this component will sit a zone dedicated to private residential villas and next to that will sit a private compound.


Vehicular access to the site will be limited to the outskirts so as to create a pedestrian-oriented experience for all users of the site. Electric buggies will be the sole method of transportation that will be used across the site.


Across the site, users will walk along shaded and lavish garden paths connecting between the different zones. The intention is to create a harmonic balance between all components in an attempt to create a singular identity to the site. The landscape approach will be one that is centred around the creation of a luscious landscape within which building components will be nestled however much effort and care will be given to a sustainable approach to water consumption across the entire site.

The main hotel component has been heavily influenced by the Contemporary Style of Architecture and this is evident from the views that have been developed of our design proposal. External terraces and relaxation zones are scattered across the hotel with multiple seating zones at different levels providing the user with views out across the landscape towards the sea.
A natural preservation zone has been maintained as per the requirements of the masterplan however access to this will occur over lightweight temporary connections.

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