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December, 2019

In our continued effort to support Environmental Awareness, we at SIEC participated in this year's "Emirates Environmental Group Clean Up UAE" under the patronage of Ministry of Economy held last December 14, 2019.

Along with other volunteers across Dubai, equipped with cotton re-usable gloves and biodegradable plastic, our SIEC team weathered the heat, walked the mile, picked up trash in Al Qudra Lake vicinity.

"Making a Difference, SIEC way"...



November, 2019


Design Middle East Awards 2019 is about celebration of the creative best and foremost from the region’s design industry. The awards was honored to the best of designers, architects, projects, and design oriented companies. The award ceremony with various categories was strive to recognize the individual excellence, company strengths, and project success and the leading design experts was form a jury and be part of the selection procedure.

SIEC bagged 2 awards at that night in Dubai Middle East Awards.


2. SZ 21: INNOVATION IN DESIGN AWARD - - For this category, we would like to recognize the exceptional efforts of Mr. Valentin Valchev as the project's Lead Designer and Mr. Heinz Janz as the Lead Architect.

Congratulations, SIEC Team!

DUBAI 30x30


November, 2019

SIEC accepted Dubai Fitness Challenge for the 2nd time!

This year, we came back better and stronger. 32 members formed Studio Warriors and worked together as a team.

For 30 days, Studio Warriors committed themselves to be active doing various activities like: daily walking, racing in the desert, horseback riding, kickboxing, and dragon boating. We also supported the Beat Diabetes Walk event and showed up as a team.

We pushed our limits and quitting was never an option. Our goal  was to be the number 1 team this year. We crushed that goal and consistently aced the leader board ranking the entire challenge period. 

In the end, we ranked 1st. We finished proud and strong.



July, 2019


SIEC were commissioned by EMAAR Dubai to design a number of villa typologies for the Expo Golf Community that sits in the Northern pocket of the EMAAR South masterplan.


SIEC provided multiple design options for the users that vary between a classical style that is defined by simplicity of form and clean architectural lines and a contemporary modern style that blends seamlessly with nature.


SIEC worked closely with EMAAR to develop options that help maximize best planning principles for the units with clean spaces that are designed as efficiently as possible. A number of 4,6,7,8 and 9 complex configurations were developed in order to support variety across the masterplan.





July, 2019


We believe that “Team Bonding Activities” is integral to building a strong, effective and happy team. It also works to improve workplace projects that involve teamwork because it helps the teams to communicate and understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses and interests. This understanding helps them work even better together.

SIEC has a special committee that is responsible on preparing a proposal of activities for each month. On July’s month of this year the committee worked on planning an indoor activities day that varies from physical and mind games to test of strength and agility. All of the games are fun and entertaining. Team players were divided into two groups, each group have assigned moderators in order to lead the challenges and at the end winners of each challenge received a prize.



July, 2019


In an effort to make our business more environmentally friendly and in compliance with ISO-EMS 14001, the management has set a continuous sustainability awareness by sending weekly email info-graphics to the staff with different topics for each month. In addition, SIEC conducted a go green week to get everybody involved in achieving a greener work space environment.

Our campaign is not about producing no waste because that is impossible in the system, we live in. It is about establishing that connection between our actions and the impacts they have, and recognizing the positive benefit that can come from each change you make and the negative ones you can help to reduce it.





July, 2019


SIEC have been appointed for design services from schematic design onwards on Emaar's Sirdhana Phase 1 project that lies within the Port Rashid Master Plan. The project is in the final stages of Concept Validation and will progress rapidly into the next stages of development. These residential buildings will be the first to be built within the overall master-plan and as such great emphasis is placed on the creation of a high-quality development.



June, 2019


As part of SIEC strategy to enhance the work space environment and to encourage the interaction between the employee, SIEC management has set up a monthly meeting under the title of “COFFEE TALK”. Every month this meeting handle different topic where employee can join and participate through discussing and suggesting ideas to be implemented in the company after a careful study.


On June’s month the topic was concerned on “SUMMER ENTERTAINMENT” to ensures that we have a good balance of work and enjoyment as we owe our team a little bit of leisure time, with all the hard work that they do. Every member of SIEC contributed and introduced their suggestions to be closely examine and applied as part of the company activities.





February, 2019


The Baniyas Square project offered a rare opportunity in Dubai to design and build a project within the existing urban fabric of the city. The site's location offered the inspiration for the overall planning approach with consideration being given to views out to the main square and south facing facade that recognised the need for a certain level of protection from the environment.

Inspiration is also heavily derived from the buildings of the surrounding neighbourhood in terms of materiality and scale. An attempt is made to pick up on relevant facade orders and rhythms whilst also recognising symbolical features such as the metro entrance that may be utilised in the proposed development. The project took an unusual step in minimising the parking required on site by connecting itself directly to the public concourse area of the metro.



February, 2019


Deira waterfront phase 2 is a mixed-use residential development located along the waterfront in the northern part of Deira. The Deira Waterfront development will contain a mixture of land uses including a private marina, programmed open space and community facilities. The development will enhance and maintain the cultural traditions of Deira, through the revitalization of the waterfront, WHAFT and night market located on Deira Island.The masterplan is divided into 4 zones each with its own character.

Plots 01 and 03 are located within the Community Living zone of Deira Waterfront which provide retail and leisure facilities for the surrounding Community, is family living orientated and will enhance the existing community facilities being offered in Deira.


The two G+12 Residential blocks have an approximate 90,175 square meters of GFA with a range of 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom apartments with a private clinic, retail, food and beverage outlets located on the Ground floor, as well as a roof level fitness club and swimming pool, and children’s play area on the Ground and Podium levels. 





November, 2018


We are pleased to announce getting nominated for three categories in Design Middle East Awards 2018, which took place on November 21 in Dubai, which are:

The Architectural Firm of the Year, Residential Project of the Year, & Architect of the Year.


 Our Architect Nael Evans who holds the position of Senior Associate at Studio International Engineering Consultants (SIEC) in Dubai bagged the Architect of the Year 1st Runner-Up Award.


 SIEC is a relatively young contemporary design practice of almost 4 years which offers Architecture, Interior Design, Landscaping, Engineering and commercial planning with an increasingly healthy portfolio, gaining distinction due to their ability to competitively deliver a high-quality product using cutting edge design & presentation technology such as BIM. They have quickly gained the confidence of prestigious clients such as Dubai Properties, Emaar, Nshama, Dubai South and Al Ghurair. Having been with SIEC for almost 3 years, Nael has been integral to the growth of the company and has had extensive opportunities on a range of projects scales from towers to a tiny retail kiosk.



November, 2018


In our aim to enhance our company standard and quality, SIEC are pleased to have achieve international standard accreditation through ISO (International Organization Standardization) on November 25. This is a great milestone for SIEC as we grow and mature into a solid organization.


The company’s Integrated management system were:

     -   ISO 9001:2015-Quality Management System.

      -  ISO 14001:2015-Environmental Management System.

     -   OHSAS 18001:2007 for Quality, Health Safety and Environment.


The ISO manuals, procedures and all forms in accordance with our company branding have been developed where in the usage, implementation and monitoring would ultimately benefit the company’s policy and management. As ISO is central to the future development of SIEC, the management implement strict adherence to ISO requirements and were part of duties and responsibilities of every member of SIEC.