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Highway & Road Design Engineer

Waad is a highly skilled Highway and Road Design Engineer with over five years of experience in the field. She has successfully worked on a diverse range of projects, specializing in Highway and Road engineering.


One of Waad's key areas of expertise is Geometric Design for various types of roads, including Highways, Urban Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels. She has demonstrated her proficiency in planning and executing designs while adhering to different standards. Additionally, she is responsible for conducting necessary calculations and preparing essential elements such as road markings, signs, traffic lights, bike lanes, and bus stops. She ensures that all project specifications meet the required standards.


Throughout her career, Waad has been involved in numerous significant projects. Notable examples include the development of important roads in Egypt, such as the Mediety Road, Rehab Road, Elmostkbal City, the International Coastal Road, and the Suez Sokhna Road. She has also contributed her expertise to road design and planning in other locations, such as Madagascar and Benghazi, Libya. One noteworthy project she has worked on is the design and study of internal roads in the Sullex Industrial City, covering an extensive area of 3 million m2.


Waad holds a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering from Ain Shams University, Faculty of Engineering. She completed her studies in 2018, and her Graduation Project received an excellent grade

In July 2023, Waad Saeed Mohamed Shahata joined the esteemed SIE family, bringing with her a wealth of experience from one of Egypt's most reputable and specialized companies in the transportation field.

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