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Managing Director

I am pleased to address you as the Managing Director, responsible for driving the Emirati workforce strategy within our esteemed organization. Embracing this national initiative is not just a mandate for us; it's a genuine commitment to contribute to the growth and prosperity of this beloved nation. At SIEC, we recognize the immense value that Emirati professionals bring to the table, and our dedication extends beyond meeting targets — we actively seek, nurture, and empower Emirati talent across all levels of our organization.

Our success in Emiratization is intertwined with our engagement with the local community. We actively participate in initiatives that support skill development, and career guidance for Emirati youth. Moreover, our collaboration with government agencies ensures that we are not just meeting requirements but actively contributing to the broader vision of a skilled and prosperous workforce.


Thank you for joining us in this commitment to making a positive impact through Emiratization.

To learn more about SIEC job opportunities, please visit: SIEC Careers

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Our Team.

United by our shared values and aspirations, our team of Emiratis stands as a testament to the rich talent and diversity within the UAE. Together, we are committed to building a future where Emirati voices are heard, valued, and celebrated, driving positive change and prosperity for generations to come.

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