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Amaala Airport
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The Amaala airport is strategically located to serve all three Amaala Resorts situated in the Red Sea, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A key characteristic of the Amaala Airport is the emphasis on providing a non-intrusive travel experience to visitors, combined with its capability to deal with large volumes of business travel and commercial airliners.

The Airport will serve a predicted 690,000 PPA initially in 2021 increasing to 1,100,000 by 2030. Whilst the forecasted passenger volumes are small, the number of air traffic movements is considerable, reaching more than 240 per day in peak times by 2030. As a result, a relatively small passenger terminal building (PTB) of approx. 15,000 sqm have been proposed, supported by large apron facilities and a 3,150m runway.

Our scope includes the Structural and MEP design of the Foster and Partners designed  Passenger Terminal Building and Air Traffic Control Tower, the most iconic Assets of the planned airport. As well as the other ancillary buildings within the plot boundary, which include the Royal Terminal, A type BC and Maintenance hangars, Staff Admin and Cargo Building, Fire station, Technical building, Airside Landside Gatehouses and Main entrance gatehouse serviced by all disciplines.

Amaala Airport (1)
Amaala Airport (2)
Amaala Airport (3)
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Amaala Airport (5)
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