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The ‘Electrical Engineer’ will be responsible for providing technical support to the Resident Engineer and for reviewing, monitoring, inspecting and supervising all Electrical Works for the construction phase of the Project. He/She shall have the responsibility for checking that the Contractor’s Works are carried out in accordance with the Contract. He/She will also be responsible for managing and other members of the Engineer’s staff (assistants and inspectors).

Duties and Responsibilities
Project Coordination:

  • Coordination with Structural / Architectural / Mechanical Disciplines.

  • Coordination with Contractor / Sub-Contractors for accuracy and sequencing of works.

  • Reviewing Contractor’s proposals for Electrical Installations in coordination with requirements for other disciplines.

  • Providing advice on placement / routing of electrical services to meet requirements from other disciplines.

  • Coordinating Design issues with H.O. Electrical Engineers.

  • Coordinating Electrical Works Inspections with Electrical Inspectors.

  • Periodic Site Inspections of Electrical Systems:
    - inspect containment installations for all electrical works.
    - Inspect wiring installations for Power Installations
    - Inspect wiring installations for Lighting & Small Power
    - Inspect wiring installations for IT/AV Systems
    - Inspect wiring installations for Fire Detection Systems
    - Inspect wiring installations for Emergency Lighting
    - Inspect wiring installations for Security Systems
    - Inspect Electrical Distribution Installations including Bus Bars, MDBs, SMDBs, DBs,     and Generators etc.
    - Inspect Small Power Electrical Installations including lighting, smoke detectors, sensors, emergency lights, exit signs etc.

  • Witness Electricity & Water Authority Inspection for sub-station, RMU.

  • Inspect Earth Pits, Lighting Protection, Aircraft Warning Lights installations.

  • Inspect External Lighting Installations.

  • Witness factory testing, site testing, power on, commissioning etc. for all Electrical Installations.

  • Coordinate setting out / layouts of Final Fix Electrical elements such as Lights, Smoke Detectors, Fire Alarms, Switches, Sockets, Data / telephone points etc. with Architect.

  • Monitor Progress of Works with respect to Contractor’s Programme.

  • Agree and monitor Contractor’s Power On Programme.

  • Witness all prescribed tests for testing and commissioning of Systems.

  • Schedule Snagging and de-snagging inspections and prepare snag lists as applicable.

    Progress Meetings:

  • Attend weekly Progress Meeting.

  • Conduct / Chair weekly MEP Progress Meeting.

  • Periodically attend weekly HSE and QA/QC Meetings and identify issues concerning safety and quality standards. 

  • To attend and report coordination meetings with Main contractor & Sub-contractors.
    Submittals Review:-

  • Review Contractor’s Electrical Shop Drawings for compliance with Contract Drawings / requirements, Statutory, Civil Defence and coordination with other disciplines.

  • Review Contractor’s Single Line Diagrams, Load Distribution, and Electrical Layouts etc. for submission to ELECTRICITY & WATER AUTHORITY.

  • Review Material Submittals for compliance with Contract Specifications.

  • Review Contractor’s Method Statements for compliance with Contract specifications.

  • Review of Contractor’s Interim Valuations.

    Reports & Records:

  • Prepare & Issue Minutes of Meetings as applicable.

  • Monitor comments on WIRs as applicable.

  • Monitor Issue of Site Observation Notes and NCRs as applicable.

  • Prepare notes on QA/QC issues if applicable.

  • Coordinate with H.O. / Project Manager and prepare responses to RFIs etc.
    To check and verify As-Built drawings & O&M Manuals as applicable.

Interested candidates may send their CV to

Please put SENIOR ELECTRICAL ENGINEER-KSA as the subject of your application

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