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Deira waterfront phase 2 is a mixed-use residential development located along the waterfront in the northern part of Deira. The Deira Waterfront development will contain a mixture of land uses including a private marina, programmed open space and community facilities.  The development will enhance and maintain the cultural traditions of Deira, through the revitalization of the waterfront, WHAFT and night market located on Deira Island.

The masterplan is divided into 4 zones each with its own character.

Plots 01 and 03 are located within the Community Living zone of Deira Waterfront which provide retail and leisure facilities for the surrounding Community, is family living orientated and will enhance the existing community facilities being offered in Deira.


The two G+12 Residential blocks have an approximate 90,175 square meters of GFA with a range of 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom apartments with a private clinic, retail, food and beverage outlets located on the Ground floor, as well as a roof level fitness club and swimming pool, and children’s play area on the Ground and Podium levels. 


Plot DW01 is located at the most western end of the masterplan and will be the first building visible when traveling from Dubia creek side. The Architecture expresses the idea of framed blocks dividing an elongated facade and emphasizing the seaside views with opened up corner balconies.


Plot DW03 is located along the first main view corridor opposite a roundabout. The corner is expressed with an urban plaza onto which F&B and retail will overlook. The Façade creates a play of horizontal lines and vertical planes articulated to reduce the length of the façade.

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