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The Maryam Island residential community has its own gym and identity and we have followed one eternal trend originality overall.

Reacting with the imagination of the features of architectural design, we created a constant style of design and a general palette of materials that draw inspiration from millennial art and contemporary design.

The elegant features purposely contradict the rough and raw materials throughout, yet together they create the perfect balance between elegant details versus the industrial finishes using different types of concrete, stone and metal.

The high-end gym equipment is also part of the design. All work out machines come in a special glitter metal coating and bespoke custom made seats.

The changing rooms are designed with a bespoke metal coated lockers, that placed against grey walls define the contrast between raw and polished elements.

Maryam Island II (3)
Maryam Island II (2)
Maryam Island II (1)
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