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Maryam Gate Residence is located in the centre of the Maryam island masterplan in Sharjah along the arabian gulf. The development provides 389 units, consisting of Studios, 1-4 bedroom apartments and duplex townhouse. 

The aim is to develop a product that is cost effective, adaptable and efficient and also offers a comfortable and habitable environment for its tenants. The focus was to maximise the efficiency of the building layout by limiting the number of cores and reducing the area of circulation while maximising the leasable areas with predominant views toward the Sharjah Skyline and waterfront. 

At the forefront of the design lies a fundamental focus on sustainability in as far as the massing and orientation of our building is concerned as well as the systems that are used to help minimise power consumption. The landscaping strategy relies on the appropriate distribution of hardscaping to softscaping with intelligent xeriscaping strategies proposed.

Park view_Final render 210105
v2-15000 LR
Balcony view_Without people
Terrace view
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