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Warsan Development includes Residential, Retail , Educational and Recreational components.

In this development, there will be a total of 172 detached villas consisting of 4 and 5 bedroom villas configured in 2 options each.

Original villa design was developed by other architectural consultancy, but SIEC was approached by Ithra Dubai to redesign facades for 4 and 5 bedroom villas. Ithra stated that they are generally satisfied with the villa planning with potential for improvements of certain areas. However, previous elevations design was rejected and commented as too boxy, bulky and not sufficiently articulated.

Our design approach is contemporary, with simple volumes, and with emphasis on space efficiency. This led to reduction of the built up area , whilst keeping room sizes same to the design brief.

Private villa (1)
Private villa (4)
Private villa (2)
Private villa (3)
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