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The Site Architect will be responsible for providing technical support to the Resident Engineer / Project Manager and for reviewing, monitoring, inspecting and supervising all Architectural / ID Works for the construction phase of the Project. He/She shall have the responsibility for checking that the Contractor’s Works are carried out in accordance with the Contract. He/She will also be responsible for managing other members of the Engineer’s staff (inspectors).

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Coordination:-

  • Coordination with Structural / MEP Disciplines for ensuring architectural requirements are addressed adequately.

  • Coordination with H.O. for issue of necessary information.

  • Monitoring Contractor’s works for compliance with HSE and QA/QC Plans.

  • Coordination with Contractor / Sub-Contractors for accuracy and sequencing of works.

  • Coordinate detailing and juxtaposition of different trades / elements.

  • Coordinate with Client / H.O. for selection of Architectural Materials.

  • Coordination of key architectural elements such as pre-cast / stone cladding, glazing with sub-contractors.

  • Coordination of key internal architectural elements such as ceilings, render, tiling, marble works, flooring, wall cladding, sanitary ware etc.

  • Coordinate the erection of mock-ups etc. as required to verify detailing, workmanship and materials are consistent with design intent and client requirements.

  • Coordinate with MEP to ensure appropriate placement of final fix MEP Items to meet architectural requirements.

  • Coordinate with MEP to ensure appropriate selection of MEP final fix items are consistent with design intent.

  • Coordinate with sub-consultants such as ID, External Works, acoustic, etc. to ensure all requirements are addressed.

  • Coordinate with other sub-consultants to ensure all deliverables are issued to Contractor as per schedule.

  • Schedule and oversee site inspections as required and as per Inspection Schedule and WIRs issued by Contractor.

  • Periodically inspect Materials delivered to Site for compliance with approved materials.

  • Inspect Architectural elements to confirm accuracy with approved Shop Drawings.

  • Verify setting out / layouts of internal tiling & marble works / wall cladding etc.

  • Verify setting out / layouts of external cladding / external glazing / curtain walling etc.

  • Verify setting out of external works elements.

  • Review setting out / detailing for false ceiling etc.

  • Witness Water Tests/ Curtain Wall Test etc. as applicable.

  • Schedule Snagging and de-snagging inspections and prepare snag lists as applicable.

  • Ensure that approved QA/QC Procedures are being followed by Contractor.

  • Monitor Contractor’s progress with respect to approved Clause 14.1 Programme.

  • Progress Meetings:-

  • Attend weekly Progress Meetings.

  • Attend Client Progress Meetings if applicable.

  • Attend weekly HSE and QA/QC Meetings and identify issues concerning safety and quality standards. 

  • Attend and report coordination meetings with Main contractor & Sub-contractors.

Submittals Review:-

  • Review Contractor’s Architectural Shop Drawings for compliance with Contract Drawings / requirements and coordination with other disciplines.

  • Review Material Submittals for compliance with Contract Specifications.

  • Review Contractor’s Method Statements for compliance with Contract specifications.

  • Review of Contractor’s Interim Valuations.

Reports & Records:-

  • Report comments on WIRs as applicable.

  • Issue Site Observation Notes and NCRs as applicable.

  • Prepare notes of observations on HSE issues for Safety Engineer

  • Prepare notes on QA/QC issues if applicable.

  • Coordinate with Senior Architect / H.O. and prepare responses to RFIs etc.

  • Prepare format for Snag Lists with Inspector and Resident Engineer.

  • Issue Snagging Inspection and de-snagging inspection lists.

  • Issue Lists of outstanding works at completion.

  • Check and verify As-Built drawings & O&M Manuals as applicable.


Qualifications & Technical Skills:

  • He/she needs to have horizontal villa experience preferring high end finishes.

  • At lease 8-10 site years experience on the consultant’s side


Interested candidates may send their CV to

Please put SENIOR SITE ARCHITECT/ASSITANT RE as the subject of your application

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