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Architecture is not just some masonry work. It is a complex task of brainstorming, planning, and managing the creation of a new building that will house dreams and lives of people. This is why it requires an understanding of the needs of concerned people and the expertise to implement it properly.

A construction project may need various services like designing, supervision, valuation, etc. All these services may not be possible for a single individual to provide. But, a lot of architecture firms have experienced individuals who can provide almost all major services under one roof.

We are sure you must be wondering “But why give so much importance to ‘services under one roof’?” Don’t you worry! We will give you some of the most applicable reasons for emphasizing this. Let’s check them out!

Services under one roof

We know the reason we are talking about this is ‘services under roof’. But, did you know the services include: designing, approval, documentation, implementation, supervision, plumbing, electricity services, financing, and some other things. It’s a long list, isn’t it? But in reality, a construction project includes way more than this when done from scratch to end. No, we don’t intend to scare you. We are only trying to make you aware of the Himalayan task called 'construction'.


Construction needs expertise in individual work as well as expertise in coordinating the various individual works. Balancing this co-ordination can prove to be a tough cookie if you are the one trying to do it between a dozen and more people if you are not planning to give up your job and life for it. Did you ask ‘what’s the easy alternative’? We say hiring the ‘professional architectural engineering services’. Professional architecture firms have a well-coordinated team of various experts. So, rejoice because you’ll be saved from the unnecessary additional hassle.


Getting the documents ready for design approval, electricity works, etc can feel like drudgery sometimes. This is because preparing all the documents according to the need, the forms to be filled, etc can make you have nightmares. But, professional architecture firms will make everything seem a cake-walk because they are already well-versed with all the steps.

Different Designs

This is our favorite part. Do you know there are various landscape parts like the deck, porch, patio, swimming pool, grotto, etc; various types of the window like French, full height glazed, European, Gothic, Greek, sliding, etc., different types of doors, balconies, plaster styles and a lot more. With professional engineering consultants, you can get a whole range of options and ideas, along with suggestions about what will look good with what.


You don’t need to let this word put a damper on your enthusiasm. Seasoned architecture firms have the expertise and experience of working around tight-stringed budgets yet create awe-inspiring, magical results. After all, expertise is about delivering better than the best, right?

Studio International Engineering Consultants (SIEC) specializes in delivering exceptionally awesome dream projects because turning dreams ideas into realities is our passion. Established in Dubai in November 2014, we have more than 140 feathers in our hat and still counting!



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